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Priyan R

I am an Indian now 25 years old, Currently working as a Programmer in dubai  I am living in Thrikkunnppuzha . A beautiful village in Alappuzha District ,in Kerala state Of India,

My state kerala is known as "The GODS' OWN COUNTRY" because its a beautiful place with a lot of lakes, Coconut Plants, and lot of back water resources.   

  I Very much like Programming , its my main hobby ,besides it i like Reading books, and Watching Movies/TV, Travelling , hanging out with friends
  I am familiar with C#, LINQ, Javascript,.NET,.Net CF, ASP.NET,ASP.NET MVC , Silverlight , Web Services, WCF, Application Architecture , jQuery, SQL.
I am also an electronics hobbyist , Especially Embedded Systems with PIC Micro Controllers See My Developer Page

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